Reflex supports marginalised young people in the difficult transition from childhood to adulthood. Its aim is to prevent offending and to reduce re-offending, targeting disadvantaged areas by providing supportive mentoring sessions for 50 to 60 young people in local secondary schools. The HSYA grant provided funding for two Reflex youth workers to deliver these sessions in Surrey schools, building positive relationships with young people, modelling acceptable behaviour and engaging them through a variety of activities and programmes. Valuing individuality and community, Reflex supports those on the margins of society in their development, whether emotional, intellectual, physical, social or spiritual.

The High Sheriff remarked that “The Reflex approach is holistic, matching provision to the unique set of needs presented by each young person. The youth workers encourage, motivate and challenge young people to raise their aspirations and achieve ambitious goals, urging them to broaden their hopes for the future, to dream big dreams and realise their full potential.”

Reflex – Woking

Awarded 2014-2015




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