Goldhawks Basketball has a nationally renowned junior programme, with a record seven Goldhawks players representing their country last season at various junior age groups. An important part of the club is their community programme, which involves coaches and players working with young people throughout Surrey, and delivering in

some of the county’s most deprived wards. Goldhawks Basketball aims and succeeds in making basketball accessible to many of those who would not otherwise have had the opportunity or benefit of participating in sport. They most effectively use basketball as a tool for improving young people’s skills and teaching valuable life lessons such as the values of teamwork and discipline. It is the vision of a remarkable young man, Alex Sarama. The HSYA funded the Camberley Goldhawks project, with many young people in the Old Dean and St Michael wards of Surrey Heath playing every week.

The High Sheriff visited Collingwood College and commented: “I saw at first-hand how engaged these young people were in their training, learning new skills and playing with real enthusiasm. Basketball is after all a cool sport.”

Goldhawks Basketball – Surrey Heath

Awarded 2014-2015




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