Lifetrain is a project run at the Ashford Youth Centre which looks to engage vulnerable young people of all ages through a wide variety of activities. The project aims to build the confidence of the young people, raising both their self-esteem and their aspirations, so they feel valued and listened to and are enabled to say no to anti-social behaviour.

The HSYA funded a summer project which aimed to combat issues such as bullying and low self-esteem and like all projects at the centre, the participants were consulted on the sort of workshops they wanted, to ensure they got the most out of the experience. Among the workshops was an art based one and art, as youth leader Anthony Mooney commented, ‘is a powerful way to help young people express themselves and develop trust and confidence.’ The High Sheriff, Peter Lee, visited the Centre and commented: “I was hugely impressed by the programme of creative projects and by how welcoming the Youth Club is. The young people clearly take a great pride in it.”

Lifetrain, Ashford – Spelthorne

Awarded 2014-2015




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