Safe Drive Stay Alive aims to make young people more aware of their responsibilities on the road, as drivers and passengers in a vehicle, and the consequences of poor or irresponsible driving. Through improving young people’s awareness and their attitude to responsible driving, the ultimate aim is to reduce risk and to reduce the number of road traffic collisions caused by, or involving young people (age 17 – 24).

Young people (aged 16 – 19) are invited to attend a highly charged and emotionally engaging stage ‘performance’ at Dorking Halls. Each live performance comprises a series of films, each featuring people recalling true stories of how they and their families have been affected by a road traffic collision death of a young person. Between these films, live speakers – police, fire and rescue, ambulance and hospital accident & emergency personnel – recount their experiences in turn. In addition a parent or family member, whose son/daughter/brother/sister was killed, in a road traffic collision, and a young driver or passenger involved in an incident where a passenger died, give personal testimonies.

“This the 14th year of this hard hitting performance was attended by over 160,000 students; congratulations to Surrey Fire and Rescue Service”. High Sheriff of Surrey.

Safe Drive
Stay Alive

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