The aims and objectives of FISH establish a clear focus on supporting families that are most vulnerable and in need of support enabling access to services for the benefit of their child’s well-being. The mix of children (10-16 years old) attending the scheme from varying schools, communities, abilities, cultural and economic backgrounds, both within and outside of the borough, is highly valued.

Increasingly FISH are supporting young people with Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). It’s the extent and extreme nature of this avoidance (of demands made on the young individual), together with displays of socially shocking behaviour that leads to it being described as ‘pathological’.

By supporting young people with PDA in a mainstream setting, they can be helped to develop coping strategies and help others to understand their condition. The HSYA was pleased to provide a grant to fund the key workers providing 1:1 support for these young people.

The High Sheriff reflected that; ‘It was inspirational to see the care, skill and above all, enthusiasm of the staff and volunteers, many of whom are teachers, some who work for Guildford BC and some who in previous years had themselves enjoyed the fun’.

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