The Surrey High Sheriff Youth Awards: Welcome

The High Sheriff Youth Awards scheme gives youth funding in Surrey. It supports groups of young people who want to help reduce or prevent crime – and make their communities stronger and safer.

We award grants for a wide range of youth projects in Surrey. HSYA also welcomes applications from individual adults or organisations working with young people in this way.

You may need help with the start-up costs of a new scheme. Or if you have an existing project that needs further support, tell us about it. We try to fund any project where young people, normally between the ages of 9 and 18, are actively involved in planning and running it.

That’s why we want to hear the part you play yourselves, in your own words. If you’re an adult working with young people, please help them to explain how their work is making communities in Surrey safer by reaching out and helping others.

Your bid can be for any amount from £100 up to £2,000, or for a larger grant of up to £5,000 – and you can apply at any time. The High Sheriff for 2014-15, Peter Lee, is keen to support projects that engage vulnerable and disadvantaged young people through sport and exercise. We will also consider a repeat application from any project that has evaluated our grant making and continues to meet our criteria.

"Click here for our detailed guidance on what we fund and our application form."

Click here to find out about the High Sheriff of Surrey and how – through him – these awards are linked to over 1,000 years of law and order.