Will your project qualify? Remember, HSYA supports schemes in Surrey where young people can show us they aim to help reduce or prevent crime – and make their communities stronger and safer.

That can be in a whole lot of very different ways – click here for some of the projects we’ve already helped with money.

Now check the list below. If your scheme ticks some of these boxes, there’s a good chance it will receive a Surrey High Sheriff Youth Award – and at least some of the funding you need.

  • Give young people places to go and things to do, wherever you live.
  • Show young people how to prevent and reduce crime.
  • Tackle bad behaviour in your community.
  • Make everyone, whatever age or cultural background, feel safer in your local area.
  • Explore how crime affects victims and communities.
  • Persuade others to care about the area around you.
  • Encourage respect for other people’s property.

The HSYA does not fund projects linked to major building developments, or ongoing salaries. We only fund one-day events if they are part of a long-term sustainable contribution or engagement with a group or community.