Who is the High Sheriff?

In March each year the Queen appoints a new High Sheriff in Surrey and he or she becomes the Sovereign's legal representative in the County. Dating back to Anglo-Saxon times the role is now largely ceremonial. High Sheriffs still stand for the rule of law and order in society. They seek to show support for the individuals and organisations upholding the criminal justice system, notably Her Majesty’s Judges, while also recognising the contribution made by many voluntary bodies to tackle social problems and to create harmonious communities.

That's what makes the High Sheriff Youth Awards so important today. They recognise that, in the 21st century, young people play a key role in helping reduce crime and bad behaviour. By applying for an award to make your community in Surrey safer, you are continuing over 1,000 years of tradition.

The High Sheriff of Surrey for 2015/16 is Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy. The badge she wears shows a green star with 11 points, one for each borough or district in the County.

During her year, Mrs Kennedy will actively promote the work of the High Sheriff Youth Awards throughout the County, and the support that our charity gives to projects that help young people make Surrey safer. Additionally, Mrs Kennedy’s priority will focus on rehabilitation projects across the criminal justice system, with a particular emphasis on women, getting offenders back into work, and family support.

When members of the Royal Family visit Surrey, Elizabeth Kennedy is one of those who welcome them. The historic Service for the Judiciary in October is one of many ceremonial duties during her year as High Sheriff. Wearing a distinctive and traditional High Sheriff's uniform, she leads a procession of Her Majesty's judges and magistrates through the centre of Guildford, so maintaining links with law and order in Surrey that go back more than 1,000 years.